06 June 2022

Netflix's latest Australian teen series 'Surviving Summer' snapped up a handful of our music for the debut season. Hitting the top #5 around the globe and with the mesmerising 'Spend Your Life' by ELKI closing out the final episode, this is one to watch!


02 April 2022

A group of best friends chase their sun-soaked surfing dreams in ABC's 'Barons'. Set in the early 70's the soundtrack is a cocktail of Australian classics and some uncovered gems including Enoch Smokey's 'It's Cruel'.


15 March 2022

Let's Go! Public Transport Victoria hits the screens to promote their services to customers in Melbourne. Gotta be the best city in the world! This TV Commercial features Charlie Foltz with 'Yours Truly'.

lets go

20 Feb 2022

Underbelly is back with the most gripping story of the century. This cat and mouse drama features a string of bangers thanks to the criminally talented music supervisor Jessica Moore. More Underbelly's please Channel 9!

 Underbelly Vanishing Act Music

18 Feb 2022

We finally jumped into 'Love Me' starring some of our most favourite actors including Hugo Weaving. Thanks for the syncs! This is Australian drama at its very best. Cannot wait for Season 2 already. 


10 Feb 2022

The perfect song to accompany Swisse's new wellness campaign with thanks to Melbourne's own maestro Tom Day.

Screen Shot 2022 06 19 at 3.04.12 pm

26 Jan 2022

AMC+'s Vampire thriller 'Firebite' takes place in the Australian outback and the genre bend here is killer! Loved this far out series and can't wait to see what's next from Warwick Thornton. Goldmind's stunning 'Ode to Woman' and 'The Spirit Knows' features in Ep 7 and 8. 

p21130746 b h9 ab

25 December 2021

Rounding out 2021 with  songs by Kee'ahn and Roxy Jules licensed to 5 Bedrooms. This drama has a massive following and is streaming here in Australia on Paramount+. Addictive viewing.


28 November 2021

Killer music soundtrack in the upcoming ABC Drama 'The PM's Daughter'. This will be streaming early next year and we are thankful for the syncs.


25 October 2021

13CABS have launched a new campaign featuring 'Get Ready' by Matador Soul Sounds. Drink, don't drive!


10 October 2021

Commbank launches 'Step Pay'. Working with Confidence Man to cover the Regurgitator classic 'The Song Formerly Known As'. Very cool.

step pay lghero

12 August 2021

Mini Cooper splashing the vibrant colours and catchy tunes in their new campaign featuring 'Do It Like Me' by The Ever Collective.

 Screen Shot 2021 09 13 at 11.06.46 am

25 July 2021

TMN's Sync Watch featured the latest TikTok campaign featuring our very own Voli K's 'Hello'. Such a banger! Our 2nd campaign with TikTok, wow they have great taste :)

Screen Shot 2021 09 13 at 10.56.12 am

20 June 2021

The very beautiful 'Floating' by Tay Oskee can be heard in the latest season of Australia's favourite soap 'Home and Away'.

home and away seven

26 May 2021

A killer soundtrack in the latest season of Miss Fishers Modern Murder Mysteries. Classics from the 60's and thrilled to have found some bold placements of our vintage catalogue in this series. 


1 April 2021

SBS is kicking serious butt with their local drama The Unusual Suspects. Local band The Straight Arrows were a feature artist in this serious having multiple songs featured.

2572 the unusual suspects lrg

17 March 2021

You may have caught 'Arcade' by Duncan Laurence on this weeks Married At First Sight Promo. Such a beautiful song. From Eurovision to the UK charts!


10 March 2021

Fantastic Australian drama 'Amazing Grace' has launched on Channel 9 and we are honoured to have synced a handful of wonderful songs into the series from artists including Confidence Man, Dee Edwards and Patrick James.

amazing grace

17 December 2020

Drapht's 'Rapunzel' perfectly capturing the summer vibe in KFC's latest spot

Screen Shot 2020 12 17 at 11.02.30 am

10 December 2020

The Jungle Giants 'Sending Me UR Loving' featured in McCafe's Iced Coffee TVC this Summer.

Screen Shot 2020 12 17 at 10.46.47 am

17 September 2020

Rudy's 'Dum' features in the brand new Taika Waititi produced NZ film 'Baby Done'. In Cinemas 22 October 

Baby Done Facebook OGImage2

29 July 2020

Check out the beautiful 'You're Really Something' by Pat Gatti in the commercial for Memories App. So pleased to see this one on air.

Screen Shot 2020 08 12 at 10.30.42 am


5 May 2020

Proud to have synced the very cool 'Ba Da Bum Bum' by Kali J in the Extreme Ice Cream Commercial. YUM!

Screen Shot 2020 06 09 at 2.57.49 pm


12 April 2020

Go Karts is released on Netflix. Check out the wonderful Andre Williams jam 'Happy Is My Life' in this feel good family movie.

go karts wide

15 March 2020

First look at Australian feature film 'Measure for Measure' featuring songs by Tay Oskee.

Screen Shot 2020 04 09 at 10.46.39 am

10 February 2020

We love Nissan! And we love this song 'Higher' (remix) by David Douglas that features on their new Qashqai commercial in Australia. 

The New Qashqai 2017 Nissan Advert

15 January 2020

Once again we've teamed up with Sportsgirl for their online campaign #bethatgirl providing music across their social media assets.

sportsgirlBTG Blog Header jomidres 1

2nd November 2019

Looking forward to seeing upcoming feature film 'I Met A Girl' starring Brenton Thwaites when it hits screens in 2020, and catching the very beautiful 'Million Miles' by Josh Garrels.

5th September 2019

Poppy Montgomery is back in the highly anticipated Disney production 'Reef Break'. Proud to have licensed a couple of songs from our artists into this new series.


29th July 2019

Visit Victoria worked with Tom Day to shape these beautiful sounds for their latest regional tourism campaign

Visit Victorias Your Happy Space campaign2

30 June 2019

RAA in South Australia licensed 'Movin On' By Soul City for their colourful new TV Commercial


16 June 2019

The other Guy Season 2 on Stan! Synced some great music into this brilliant Australian series.


30 April 2019

Cute little spot for Commbank Business Alerts featuring Yeah Yeah by Sam Means!


21 April 2019

MARTHA centres around the remarkable Martha Cooper, a seminal figure in the rise of graffiti culture. Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this month. Featuring the very cool track '1001 Knights' by The Carnations.




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